T.E.R.O Welcome to the Blackfeet Tribal Employment Rights Office

Mission: "To enhance the lives of the Blackfeet people through employment and training."

Applications and Forms

  • Compliance Plan Form is to be completed and submitted to T.E.R.O at blkft_tero@blackfeetnation.com
  • Blackfeet Tribal Business License is to be completed and submitted to Blackfeet Revenue and a copy sent to T.E.R.O
  • TERO Registry Form is for TERO clients (workforce) to fill out and submit to TERO in order to be registered with TERO
  • TERO Complaint Form is to be filled out and submitted to the TERO office to file an official complaint
  • Indian Preference Companies List is the Indian owned companies certified through Blackfeet TERO
  • Integrated Management of Tribal Contact Checklist is a list of Tribal Departments you may need to contact in order to be in compliance, depending on the work being completed on the Blackfeet Reservation
  • Indian Preference Company Application is for companies to apply for in order to be Indian Preference certified through TERO

TERO Complaint Form (doc)


Integrated Management of Tribal Entities Contact Checklist (docx)


Business License Application (pdf)


TERO Registry Form (doc)


Indian Preference Application (doc)


Indian Preference Company List (pdf)


Compliance Plan 2020 (docx)


Blackfeet Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance

Blackfeet Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance & Safety Enforcement Act of 2010 updated (pdf)


Blackfeet TERO

Executive Summary


A Tribes authority to enact and enforce an Indian employment preference law within the exterior boundaries of the Reservation is grounded in its inherent sovereign powers of self-government. TERO supports the most basic principle of Indian law and decisions. TERO is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Representative (EEOC) on the Blackfeet Reservation.

TERO requires all businesses, contractors, and subcontractors to utilize preference in hiring qualified TERO certified workers while doing business within or near the exterior boundaries of the Blackfeet Reservation.

TERO ensures that all Native American Businesses from the TERO Business Registry are given the opportunity to bid on any construction project within the exterior boundaries of the Blackfeet Reservation.


Before conducting business on the Blackfeet Reservation

Step 1: Obtain a Blackfeet Tribal Business License


You will need to purchase a Blackfeet Tribal Business License located at the Blackfeet Commerce office. The fee for a business license is $50.00. Phone (406) 338-5545. Click on the following link for their website. 

Step 2: Complete a Compliance Plan


After purchasing your business license, you will be required to fill out your compliance plan and submit to the TERO office 20 days prior to commencing work.  Once approved you can purchase your work permits at the TERO office. 

Step 3: Review the Integrated Management Tribal Entities Contact List



The Integrated Management Team is committed to providing individuals and companies a streamlined proce ss when conducting business on the Blackfeet Reservation. The departments listed each serve a specific function for the Blackfeet Tribe and have various requirements in order to be in compliance with the law of the Blackfeet Reservation. It is our recommendation that you contact each department in order to identify the requirements that may be applicable to your company. (Contact list is located above in the applications and forms documents.)

Indian Preference Catalog


Browse through our catalog of Indian-owned businesses. All businesses listed have met the criteria set forth by the Blackfeet TERO office. 

About The Blackfeet Nation

The Blackeet Indian Reservation is home to 17, 321- member Blackfeet Nation, one of the 10 largest tribes in the United States.


Native American Procurement Technical Assistance Center has teamed up with Blackfeet TERO to serve clients on a monthly basis on the Blackfeet Reservation. Marshall Lucas, Procurement Specialist will be available to offer assistance at the TERO office. His contact number is 406-304-8888 or email: mlucas@nadc-nabn.org

 The NADC PTAC’s mission is to maximize the number of capable American Indian owned companies in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains Regions in the government marketplace.  Providing our clients with an understanding of the requirements of government contracting and the marketing know-how to successfully obtain and perform federal, state, local and tribal government contracts is a top priority of NADC PTAC.  Supporting government agencies in reaching and working with suppliers is also crucial to the success of this program. 

PTAC Client Application (pdf)